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“Brooke Bishop is a woman as rich in aspect as her art - colorful, intricate, thoughtful, precise and free.” ~ Kira Yannetta

Brooke applies her love of pattern, texture and color to convey the emotions that lie beneath the surface of each work of art. Her fascination with the human psyche, and life’s eternal questions, inspire her creations. Working primarily in a figurative manner, she takes liberal license to follow where the paint and her energies lead.

“I love the action of drawing and painting, to feel the juiciness that is just barely in my control.  I love to play with the duality of complex pattern and airy open spaces, and to create a dialogue with the viewer full of questions and revelations.” 

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Much of her work conveys the bucolic terrain she experienced as a child in Pasadena, California - a distinct departure from the frenetic, ethnic, entertainment-oriented world she inhabited as an adult in Los Angeles. Brooke now lives with her family in the mountain town of Truckee, California. This very different environment has given her the opportunity to inform her work with the raw peace and majesty of nature. 

Brooke attended Art Center College of Design and Chouinard Institute of the Arts, both in the Los Angeles area. She also studied privately with painter/printer Joseph Mugnaini, and painter Glenn Vilppu. Other artists who have had great influence on her work range from El Greco and Toulouse-Lautrec to Thomas Hart Benton and Wayne Thiebaud. Brooke Bishop’s artwork has appeared in galleries and is featured in private collections around the world.